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The following schedule is for week day practice and training at Wascana Lake and Lumsden sites. These events are designed for paddlers of all skill levels to participate in a group. This is a change from recent years in order to provide organized practice and training session for all RMCC paddlers and guests.  Scott Brunskill, Mike Vincent and/or Fiona Vincent will coordinate coaches on the days specified below.  Where we have “TBD” we are looking for coaches to run the practice. I encourage you to join participate in these sessions to provide a richer marathon paddling experience for all.

Starting in May and ending in July, these events will be primarily during the week in the evenings with special events occurring on the weekends. All participants, boats and related equipment are to be ready to launch (in the water) at these start times. Members are welcome to bring guests who may be interested so please share this information with all interested paddlers.  With this added structure we will endeavour to provide opportunities for recreational and competitive paddlers at all levels.

Learn more about our programs by visiting our RMCC Canoe Programs page.