The RMCC makes every effort to keep your fees low.  Annual fees are $100 for an individual and $200 for a family (two or more).  As a member club and as individual members of Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan (CKS) we have access to athletes and equipment funding, and insurance coverage for sanctioned events and activities. In order to receive these benefits RMCC pays fees on behalf of the club and each individual identified in our membership forms, and are committed to following the policies of CKS.

CKS member clubs are required to submit fees for each individual member included on our RMCC membership forms.  CKS fees are as follows: membership fee for Marathon members is $30 of which CKS membership is $20; and the Canoe Kayak Canada membership is $10.

In order to keep these fees in line with your needs please only include on your RMCC membership form those family members that intend to paddle in RMCC events and activities and/or CKS sanctioned events in Saskatchewan.  (Note: If you exclude a member of your family and that family member later decides to participate we will add them to the membership list upon receipt of a request including a membership and signed waiver form.)

The boathouse at Wascana Marina is property of the Saskatchewan Provincial Capital Commission and we share the facility in trust with Regina Catholic School Board, Regina Public Schools and University of Regina.