The History of the Lumsden Marathon Canoe Race

This 16km race offers a race experience and the opportunity to learn from others in a group environment. Creek paddling is challenging due to the meandering river flow, the changing depth conditions and the effects of waves generated from boats and the river bed. The race provides a group environment in a small creek where mistakes are amplified and learning opportunities can be found at every turn. This race also promotes pack paddling by allowing teams to turn as soon as they see another boat coming back downstream. The result is a fast paced, chaotic finish as all boats return to the start/finish line with a few minutes. The race start and finish locations may change every year based on current water flows. Races may begin upstream from Craven, upstream from Lumsden or downstream from Lumsden. This helps make race tactics for even the most advanced teams more challenging to prepare which makes this race very challenging.

2020 RMCC June Race at Qu’Appelle River, Saskatchewan

2019 RMCC June Race at Qu’Appelle River, Saskatchewan

Race Distance: The race is a 16km buoy turn return-loop track between Craven and Lumsden on the Qu’Appelle River.

Date and Location: The 2019 race will be Saturday, June 15th from 10AM to 12PM at the Qu’Appelle River with a lunch social afterwards. The start, finish, lunch and social will be at Craven Rink, Craven, Saskatchewan (Google Map: 2 Hill Ave, Craven, Sk).

The Craven Rink is available to provide shelter, washrooms and will be the location of this years lunch and social.

Lunch: A lunch with a variety of items and refreshments will be provided after the race.

Families with Children: The rink location provides areas for kids to play indoor floor hockey and other indoor games (colouring, etc). Their is also spray park and playground located in Lumsden. No formal babysitting services are provided at this event.

Contact for details.

Race Teams and Results (Bowsmen and Race Times will auto-update morning of race).

Boat #
Stern Home Club
Bow Home Club
Boat Class
6Macpherson, LornaMang, BarryRegina Marathon Canoe ClubRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:20:15StockWWII
H20Brunskill, ScottLai, CalvinRegina Marathon Canoe ClubRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:20:42Pro C2 H20 V1
97Untereiner, FrancisUntereiner, TeresaRegina Marathon Canoe ClubRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:20:50Pro C2Clipper P3
67Klochinsky, LindaLeon, TinaRegina Marathon Canoe ClubRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:21:08Pro C2Wenonah V1
C41Francis, CraigLeon, MiguelRegina Marathon Canoe ClubRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:24:19StockJensen 17
MikeVincent, MikeTurner, PatRegina Marathon Canoe ClubPrince George Marathon Canoe Club1:26:10Pro C2Vincent GILLIES
SaskFlagMacHattie, EdithSmith, GrahamSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon DivisionSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon Division1:26:16Pro C2
Red CoverMack, LoriBraga, MateusSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon DivisionManitoba Canoe Kayak Centre1:27:07Pro C2
Green CoverBriggs, BillHaskerkehrer, FlorianManitoba Canoe Kayak CentreManitoba Canoe Kayak Centre1:27:12Pro C2
5Buck, AlexRisseeuw, EddieSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon DivisionSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon Division1:28:09Pro C2
Vincent, FeghusDejnais, AndreSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon DivisionWascana Racing Canoe Club1:28:36Pro C2
37Mulholland, IanSweeny, TimRegina Marathon Canoe ClubRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:29:23Pro C2JDPro V1
41Chapman, RandyGermain, KateSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon DivisionSaskatoon Canoe Club - Marathon Division1:29:29Pro C2
15 (Pink)Soparlo, RickSoparlo, LauraRegina Marathon Canoe ClubRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:31:03Pro C2JDPro
0-0Francis, RodChambers, SimonRegina Marathon Canoe ClubWascana Racing Canoe Club1:32:10Pro C2Wenonah V1
VolunteerBrewster, GreggRegina Marathon Canoe Club3:00:00Lunch Support
VolunteerExner, ErnieRegina Marathon Canoe Club3:00:00Timer

2018 RMCC June Race at Qu’Appelle River, Saskatchewan

The 2018 race was held on June 9th from 10am to 12PM at the Qu’appelle River. The race is an 17km track between Craven and Lumsden (google 2 Hill Ave, Craven, Sk).

We had 21 marathon canoe proboats on the water and all paddlers call Saskatchewan home! A tremendous amount of wave action was created for the first 500 metres of the race due to the amount of boats in the river. It was a fats paced action packed event and one to remember!

Here are the results:

Boat #
Home Club
Boat Class
89Klochinski, LindaBressler, HollyRegina Marathon Canoe Club0:54:22V1
0Francis, RodLai, AmandaRegina Marathon Canoe Club0:55:40P3
C1Anderson, VicRegina Marathon Canoe Club0:55:44J203
MikeVincent, MikeVincent, LexyRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:14:56Gilles
59Machattie, EdithRobinson, TrevorSaskatoon Mararthon Canoe Club1:15:01
Canada 150Buck, LoriEnglish, IvanSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:15:14
Canada DaySmith, GrahamVincent, FionaRegina/Saskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:15:26JDPro
5Vincent, FergusDajenais, AidenRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:16:23
99Pors, IngerBuck, AlexSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:16:26
P16Blais, AdrienRisseeuw, EddySaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:17:00
41Chapman, RandyGermain, KathleenSaskatoon Mararthon Canoe Club1:17:49
C1Kendall, RobinRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:18:30J203
15Soparlo, RickSoparlo, LauraRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:18:56V1
88Mulholland, IanTomczak, LizRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:19:20V1
SaskFlagRae, KathyEnglish, KenSaskatoon Mararthon Canoe Club1:19:22
80Topping, BradTopping, ElijahSaskatoon Mararthon Canoe Club1:19:55
41Anderson, BevLloyd, KathyRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:20:54V1Lunch Volunteers
9Brunskill, ScottLai, CalvinRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:21:43V1
7Popoff, AnnePeters, DaveSaskatoon Mararthon Canoe Club1:23:08
97Beck, DaleMangat, DeepRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:25:50P3
37Macpherson, LornaMang, BarryRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:26:24JDPro
Germain, GeorgeSaskatoon Marathon Canoe ClubMedia Volunteer
Exner, ErnieRegina Marathon Canoe ClubTimer

2017 RMCC June Race Results

Our race was a very competitive event on this rainy June 17th day at the Qu’appelle River. Today’s race was a 17km track between Craven and Lumsden (google 2 Hill Ave, Craven, Sk).

Before the boats were put into the water, Mike Vincent provided a route review and clinic for all participants. Mike then finished with a heart-felt “minute of silence” in memory of Merv Woods. Merv was a key contributor to the paddling community and to our June event.

The race started at the Craven Dam and travelled upstream until they reached a turning buoy (approximately 9 kms upstream). At the buoy, the leading boats turn downsteam to paddle the same track and finish at the Craven Community Rink dock. When the leader boats begin the upstream buoy turn, all remaining boats may turn downstream as well to make it a competitive gathering at the finish. Ernest Exner was again gracious enough to be our race starter and timer.

The start of this race was hectic as we had 14 boats in starting in a tight spot at the beginning of the race. It was so intense one participant broke a paddle due to the action at the beginning of the race. The water was high and current was non-existent so drafting and tactics was key to a successful finish. The race lasted approximately 90 minutes for the majority of the group. Ian Mulholland and Elizabeth Tomczak were designed as the safety boat today and the Clipper White Water II had no problem navigating the high water today. There services were needed downstream as one boat tipped in the flurry of action.

All participants finished well and paddled with determination. Again, it was a very fun and competitive event enjoyed by all.

We had participants from British Columbia, Saskatchewan (Regina and Saskatoon) and Manitoba. We had babysitter services for participants kids where they were allowed to color, make crafts and play floor hockey within the Craven Community Rink. At the end of the race, we were hosted by the Craven Elks as they served us a warm meal within the Craven Community Centre.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Participants before the race.

Craven Elks hosting Chili and Hotdogs.

Participants after the race.

Holt Brunskill helping his dad get the truck out of the mud.

Here are the 2017 June Race results:

Boat #
Home Club
56Vincent, MikeTurner, PatRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:25:00
101Briggs, BillSerb, MohamedWinnipeg Marathon Canoe Club1:25:50
59MacHattie, EdithRobinson, TrevorSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:26:05
P16Mack, LoriBuck, AlexSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:27:142016 Winning Team
Canada 150Vincent, FionaEnglish, IvanRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:27:27
67Braul, LarryAckles, SharonRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:29:12
111English, KenStewart, KatherineSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:29:38
15Soparlo, RickSoparlo, LauraRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:31:36
9Brunskill, ScottBrunskill, CarmenRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:31:59
C1Rae, CathySaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:32:18J203 C1
99Popoff, AnnPors, IngridSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:33:19
37Francis, CraigJacobs, BrentRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:33:56
97Beck, DaleCronk, ByronRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:34:25
2Chapman, RandyGermin, KateSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:38:04
48Mulholland, IanTomczak, LizRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:38:05Safety Boat

2016 June Race Results

The June Lumsden Race is hosted every year by the Regina Marathon Canoe Club at the Qu’Appelle River between Lumsden and Craven. The June 18, 2016 race was attended by 30 participants from both the Regina and Saskatoon Marathon Clubs. It was an astounding success not only for the competitive and fun atmosphere but also for the hard work by our host co-ordinator Merv Woods and his volunteer team. Participant ages were between 10 and 70 years old. This event is part of the Saskatchewan point series and a Provincial Qualifier for Marathon Worlds.

This years course was an average start/finish time of 90 minutes and started at 11AM.

2016 Lumsden Race – Recorded from Go-Pro Boat (Brent Jacobs and Dale Beck)

2016 Lumsden Race Results

Boat #
Home Club
P19Mack, LoriBuck, AlexSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:30:25
6Vincent, MikeBrunskill, ScottRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:30:29
P3Robinson, TrevorRobinson, ShaylaSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:30:32
56Vincent, FionaBraul, LarryRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:30:43
BL BL CoverMacHattie, EdithFarthing, CorySaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:30:49
2Chapman, RandyStewart, KatherineSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:31:23
99Germin, KateVingerhoeds, RainaSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:31:33
35English, IvanEnglish, AlistairSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:32:02
38English, KenRae, CathySaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:32:44
0Soparlo, RickRingham, ShaneRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:33:12
7Laliberty, FrankPopoff, AnnSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:33:20
67Beck, DaleJacobs, BrentRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:34:22
97Anderson, BevAnderson, DonRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:40:24
Savage RiverMacpherson, LornaMang, BarryRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:41:25
37O'Brien, TedO'Brien, LaurenRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:45:00Safety Boat

Previous Years Results

2015 Lumsden Race (C2)

Home Club
1Vincent, MikeVincent, FionaRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:14:04
2Robinson, TrevorHattie, EdithSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:14:13
3Chapman, RandyGermain, KateSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:16:03
4Buck, AlexMack, LoriSaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:16:20
5Woods, MervPhillips, DaveRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:16:42
6Mulholland, IanTomezak, LizRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:16:57
7Braul, LarryMacPherson, LornaRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:17:49
8English, KenRae, CathySaskatoon Marathon Canoe Club1:17:55
9Brice, RonAnderson, VicRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:18:20
10Francis, CraigHitchings, AmandaRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:20:02

2015 Lumsden Race (C1)

Home Club
1Anderson, BevRegina Marathon Canoe Club1:16:59K1

2014 Lumsden Race Results

2013 Lumsden Race Results

2012 Lumsden Race Results