Our volunteers are available at rmccprogramming@gmail.com for any of your questions.

The Regina Marathon Canoe Club offers programming to instruct new Canadians how to paddle Canadian designed canoes. We also instruct on the history of canoeing and its role in the story of Canada. We would like to invite any individual who has been in Canada for less than five years to come to this exciting experience.

Some components that will be focused on in the curriculum include:

  • Having fun and being safe while on the water
  • Building water sense, comfort and awareness on the water
  • Creating a paddling literate vocabulary that enhances the experience
  • Establish the fundamental paddling skills
  • Learning the importance of canoeing in Canadian history.

To promote the program we would like you to use the information already provided along with encouraging others to come paddle with us. This program will run during a variety of time slots between June and August. View our current outdoor schedule to learn more.

About Us: We are a local to Regina club based in a boathouse at the Regina Mariana. Currently there are 100+ members in the club and it is expected to grow through programs that are run such as our New Canadians Initiative and our Learn to Paddle Clinic that are run each week. Regina Marathon Canoe Club is supported through Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan and SaskSport.